Thursday, July 12, 2007

Locals Share Info in Colorado

Nice to see:

Sixty-two security officials from across the state [are] attending a three-day conference in Centennial this week to share information on terrorist tactics. ... The Colorado Information Analysis Center put on the conference.

Said Norris Croom, Castle Rock fire chief and one of the organizers, “If we are going to stop a terrorist attack in this country, it is going to be those individual officers and personnel, and the citizens, who stop it.”

It is the first conference specifically for local and state terrorism liaison officers, including those from police and fire departments, state agencies, public health departments and other organizations.

Along with establishing relationships with other terrorism liaison officers, they are learning what to watch for and where to send the information.

“The primary thing is to make all the agencies we work with aware of how to get information to each other and up the chain,” said El Paso County sheriff Sgt. Rick
They've got a number of agencies involved; they're clarifying roles; they're collaborating. In short, they're establishing the right kind of environment. One caveat: They ought to make sure the collaboration continues after the conference.

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