Friday, June 27, 2008


Forgive me, it's Friday and I couldn't resist posting this:

Delivery boys across America, beware: Zach Phillips was arrested by Homeland Security Thursday afternoon in Kansas City—for delivering a pizza. Phillips parked his car in front of the KCMO Federal Courthouse to deliver lunch to a few judges and on his way out, he was approached by several Homeland Security officers. When questioned, Phillips forked over his I.D. to the inquisitive officers. According to Phillips, the officers then shoved him up against their S.U.V., cuffed him, and escorted him down the block to the county jail. His crime? An outstanding warrant for a minor, non-moving traffic violation. "They were real rough with me, throwing me up against their car," Phillips told CMJ.

"[Kansas City police officers] couldn't believe [Homeland Security] arrested me," Phillips said. "[KCPD] actually apologized to me. They were like 'We like you! Don't spit in our pizza!'" Phillips had a hard time believing it himself. "I was like, shouldn't you be looking for Osama Bin Laden?" said Phillips.
Hmm ... sounds like there are a couple of disconnects here: One between DHS and KCPD, and the other between DHS and its priorities.


Anonymous said...

I don't see any disconnect. Person with arrest warrant gets arrested. That's what law enforcement gets paid for.

J. said...

The DHS guys were bored. Nothing to do but watch the local news.

anon, LOCAL law enforcement gets paid to track down warrents for minor traffic violations. Certainly DHS ought to be focusing on more national issues, yes? Like harrassing air passengers about shoes and shampoo bottles, for instance, important stuff.

bkdunn said...

Sorry for coming late to this party, but:

Third disconnect -- between DHS and reality. But at least they're well-funded.