Thursday, August 17, 2006

DC Studies Rerouting Hazardous Cargo

Washington DC is launching a study that will examine the feasibility of rerouting hazardous rail shipments around the city, the Washington Times reported.
The rail line proposals are largely a response to concerns of the D.C. Council and the Homeland Security Department about the risk from terrorists' sabotaging tank cars with hazardous materials, unleashing deadly chemicals on Washington's population. Rail lines run less than a half-mile from the U.S. Capitol.

"A terrorist attack on a freight car with hazardous cargo, such as liquid chlorine, could kill thousands within a very short time and imperil the functioning of critical federal facilities," said Rick Rybeck, D.C. Department of Transportation deputy administrator.
This is a threat that any community should recognize and be prepared to deal with. The hazard comes not only from intentional release of hazardous materials, but from accidental spills as well.

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