Wednesday, August 16, 2006

In the UK, Risk Management Goes On

The Independent is reporting that British authorities are still recognizing a possible threat in the airplane bomb plot. The police commissioner also explains the decision to intervene, as well as highlighting the ongoing risk management that's taking place in more than a dozen other investigations:
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair stressed the seriousness of the threat still facing the country. Referring to the alleged airliner bomb plot, he said: "We have been behind this group of people for some time. What we always have to do is balance waiting to gather more evidence and make sure you get all the people, against the risk to the public by not moving in earlier.
"That's the decision that was reached last Wednesday evening. There's a point where the information reaches a level of concern that means if you don't take action it is indefensible."
He added that many other alleged plots were being investigated. "What is so concerning is that those operations can turn from being what we think is preparatory to what is clearly active in a very short time."
An important question is whether British authorities are getting all the information they need. Reports indicate that there has been good collaboration with law enforcement in Pakistan and the U.S. The question is - Is it enough?

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