Monday, October 30, 2006

Collaboration in Missouri HLS Grant System

The Memphis (MO) Democrat reported last week about how Missouri is revising its system for distributing homeland security grants:

[I]n the past, approximately 1,300 sub-grantees successfully applied for Homeland Security funding across the state, causing a tremendous administrative workload on SEMA staff. The old process of allowing each political subdivision to apply for grant funding individually also led to duplication of equipment and resources within close geographical proximity to each other.

[T]he State has proposed to organize into [eleven] regions ... the local Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) will be utilized to organize the local political subdivisions in the creation of regional grant allocation committees who will decide upon grant funding request priorities on a regional basis. The local regional planning commissions will also be responsible for handling local administration processing of the grant funding.

It generates incentive for local regions of the State to cooperate with each other in focusing on their immediate needs.
I think it is a good call to encourage this kind of collaborative effort. The committees can consider both local and regional needs.

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