Thursday, October 26, 2006

Homeland Security Report Card

The Council on Foreign Relations' Stephen Flynn has given DHS a report card on its homeland security efforts. It is mostly focused on preparedness for various threats and does not address some threats such as bioterrorism, agricultural and food terrorism, and rail safety. But ... it is what it is. Here is the crib sheet on Flynn's grades:

  • Port Security: D+
  • Nuclear Plant Security: B/B+
  • Air Defense: B
  • Airport Security: C+
  • Border Control and Immigration: C
  • Chemical Plant Security: D-/F
  • Disaster Response: C-
  • Bridges, Tunnels, and Other Infrastructure: C
  • Public Relations: D
Even though these things are always grossly oversimplified, I think they can at least serve some purpose if they refocus attention on threats that can face local jurisdictions. If there is a chemical plant in your area, what do you know about its security? What do you know about the critical infrastructure in your area? Etc.

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